Electronically Signed & Paid!™  Accept Credit Cards & Electronic Checks.

eSignPay™ provides secure Credit Card and Electronic Check payment processing. Add the convenience of capturing customer payments to the DocuSign signing ceremony.

eSignPay™ significantly reduces the risk against chargeback claims since each eSignPay™ transaction includes a record of an encrypted DocuSign payment authorization form.  Business owners can quickly produce documentation detailing customer payment authorization.

Transform your business and get paid faster by providing your customers with flexible payment options.   Accept encrypted payments on your mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  Let your customers pay in the currency the know – their own.

eSignPay™ provides secure Credit Card and Electronic Check payment processing.  To capture payment, simply send a secure eSignPay™ payment authorization template to your customer.    Upon receipt of a signed payment authorization form; eSignPay™ will capture the payment data and process the customer transaction over a secure encrypted SSL connection with the Planetauthorize payment gateway.

eSignPay™ integrates seamlessly with the DocuSign signing ceremony to provide a secure platform for managing documents and payments.   eSignPay™ also provides a virtual terminal which can be used by Back Office staff and Call Centers to capture payments using any web browser with an internet connection.

eSignPay™ users can submit and process credit card payments, electronic check payments, review payment history and view the customer signing status – anytime and anywhere.

Key Features

•    Accept Credit Cards 
•    Accept Electronic Checks for only $0.50 cents per check
•    Real-time Sales Reporting – a powerful reporting tool that provides comprehensive, accurate, real-time data when you need it most
•    Recurring Billing – empowers businesses with the ability to automate their billing process
•    Multi-Currency - Your business can accept USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and many other international currencies based upon their processor integration(s) – did we mention we support 150+ of them?


iTunes App Store - iPhone & iPad:


Google Play – Android Phone & Tablets:


DocuSign Information: http://esignpay.net/integrations.html#tab-4
Company Website: http://esignpay.net

Got Questions?

eSignPay mobile apps are built and supported by SaleManager LLC. Contact SaleManager today at sales@salemanager.com or 1.800-918-4890.

24/7 Online Help Desk & Knowledgebase – http://support.planetauthorize.net

Compatibility / Version Information

eSignPay's Mobile apps are free for all users.  User must have an active DocuSign and Planetauthorize payment gateway account.

About the partner 

SaleManager - The Global Payment Center!

SaleManager LLC was founded in 1999, with a goal of simplifying the complex process of accepting credit card payments. We streamlined the equipment buying process and created "free" payment add-ons while also making credit card acceptance affordable for small and medium businesses. We were the first company of our kind, a payment processing company, created by software developers.

Our name, SaleManager, was closely aligned with our mission of providing affordable credit card processing services and Free payment applications for businesses of all types and sizes.