Precision solutions for science + health


ESP gives life science  companies total visibility over their operations while integrating and automating workflows. This increase sample throughput and quality assurance in their results and provides reliable documentation for regulatory review.

ESP is integrated to Docusign technology to help enable your 21 CFR Part 11 compliance

Key Features

Through collaboration, L7 Informatics builds comprehensive solutions to uniquely address your complete workflow needs. By incorporating your functioning IP solutions, ESP can alleviate your operational pain points and increase efficiency. Because operational excellence stems from better use of resources and faster, higher quality results.

  • ESP interfaces with common lab instruments, environmental monitoring equipment and software systems.
  • ESP has a library of common workflows and analysis tools for NGS and bioprocess manufacturing.


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About the partner 

Our mission is to revolutionize scientific process and data management in order to accelerate precision health across life sciences, healthcare, and nutrition value-chains. Our end-to-end solutions and services yield efficiencies that enable researchers to make new genomics discoveries, precision therapeutics manufacturers to create higher fidelity therapies, health systems to provide superior diagnostics and standard of care, and precision agriculture to meet tomorrow’s nutrition needs through improvements to crops and livestock.