Seamlessly upload documents and send them for e-signatures using Eltropy’s Text Messaging platform.


Eltropy’s new e-sign with DocuSign feature combines the power of text messaging along with the capabilities of DocuSign to e-sign from anywhere using a mobile device.

Experience faster response times, reduction in cycle times, enhanced user experience and greater efficiencies.

Eltropy’s unique tracking abilities allows lending or collection agents to actively follow-up with their customers using two-way text messaging through the process of e-signature.

The integration allows Eltropy’s customers to seamlessly upload documents and send them to their members for e-signatures using its Text Messaging platform. 

With email open rates averaging only 20 percent, sending documents via Text Messaging, which has a 98% open rate and an average response time of 90 seconds, ensures documents are e-signed in a timely, efficient manner opposed to getting lost in virtual inboxes. 

Members can easily e-sign documents and access the signed documents directly from their mobile device. 

Key Features

1. Seamless integration into the Eltropy workflow
2. Create and send envelopes in 3 easy steps -
  a. Add recipients 
  b. Add documents
  c. Edit and Send text 
3. Track real-time status of recipients


DocuSign demo video


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About the partner 

Eltropy enables Credit Unions to communicate with members over Text Messaging in a secure and TCPA-compliant way. Using Eltropy’s platform, Lending, Collections, Sales, Marketing, Service, Risk Management, Internal Communications and other teams at Credit Unions leverage Text Messaging to boost member engagement and enhance the member experience. Eltropy also integrates with IT systems, such as Symitar and Corelation, and uses Analytics to provide member engagement insights. For more information about Eltropy, please visit