DocuSign ID Check (powered by LexisNexis Risk Solutions)

DocuSign has partnered with LexisNexis Risk Solutions, the premier provider of security, risk and compliance management solutions to deliver a knowledge based authentication (KBA) method called “ID Check” to ensure strong signer authentication.

DocuSign ID Check is integrated into the DocuSign service and can be used from the web interface, or via the API. The authentication request is set during the addressing of the envelope. In the web interface, it is easily added on the addressing screen for each recipient.

When accessing an envelope with ID Check enabled, the recipient will be asked to provide some initial personal information and then answer a set of questions before they can view the DocuSign envelope. ID Check challenges users with a series of top-of-mind questions obtained by scanning billions of records in dozens of publicly and commercially available data sources. These dynamically created ‘out of wallet’ questions are about past addresses, vehicles owned, person’s known, and other information that is not discoverable if the person's wallet was lost. This form of authentication is used by over 14 of the top 20 financial institutions in the US, and is considered a strong form of authentication.

ID Check can be configured by the administrator to be required for all transactions, the sender’s option, and many other settings. It can also be used in addition to other forms of authentication, creating a multi-layer authentication process supporting industry requirements such as the FDIC FFIEC. It is typically used with financial transactions, or other transactions where a strong signer ID is required. The results of the ID Check authentication are recorded securely as a part of the signing record.

ID Check is a per-use, fee-based service add-in to DocuSign (Corporate or Enterprise Plans). For pricing information contact


Recipient Identity Authentication