The most customizable contract management system available and winner of PC Magazine “Editor’s Choice Award.”

Agiloft provides a complete contract management system to administer and negotiate agreements with suppliers, partners and customers.

Winner of the Editors' Choice Award by PC Magazine, Agiloft’s agile technology platform makes it easy to use and fast to make deep configuration changes. It supports Active Directory, two factor authentication, SSO and is HIPAA, SOX and SSAE16 compliant.

It includes a searchable document repository, full DocuSign integration, OCR, email alerts, clause libraries, PDF contract generation, customizable reports and sequential/parallel workflows that addresses even the most sophisticated approval processes.

Trusted by 2.5+ million users, Agiloft brings agility to organizations of all sizes. It can be deployed as a cloud service or in-house on Windows/Linux machines. 

Agiloft provides a complete contract management system to administer and negotiate agreements with suppliers, partners and customers.

The DocuSign integration allows you to directly send documents to be e-signed and automatically returned for tracking and audit compliance. Users can be added at will and do not need an existing DocuSign account. The approval process has never been simpler or soo smoothly automated.

Pre-built integrations include Salesforce, SSO, Active Directory, Word, Excel and Google Docs.

REST/WS API’s and Python/Perl scripting are fully supported and additional modules include Service Desk, CRM and Custom Workflow/BPM to seamlessly address all your business needs.

Key Features

  • Deep customization using just the admin browser to create custom workflows, rules, workflows, actions, email alerts and even entire custom modules.

  • One-click PDF contract generation from Word templates and clause libraries

  • Automatic document comparison, redlining and versioning.

  • Built-in support for two factor authentication, OCR actions, Active Directory, SAML and Single Sign-On.

  • Personalized dashboards, reports, email and print templates 


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Customer Testimonial

From Harvey Minot, Senior Application Developer at

“We at Safehorizon are pleased and impressed by the functionality and smooth integration between Agiloft and DocuSign. The seamless handoff of documents from Agiloft to DocuSign and back again to Agiloft almost seems magical!

We especially like the capability of being able to sign internal documents as well those requiring both internal  and outside vendor signatures without necessitating a great deal of setup.

Additionally, the added cost of the required DocuSign account is very reasonable as to be a nonissue for our organization.”


About the partner 

Agiloft is the leading supplier of agile contract management systems. Our unique platform enables our pre-built and custom applications to be tailored to your exact needs without manual coding, so flexibility is unlimited and deployment times and costs are a fraction of those required for other systems.

Founded in 1991 and located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Agiloft is trusted by 2.5+ million users. We bring agility to organizations of all sizes.



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