Creating a fillable form from a Word document

Turning a Word document into a fillable form is easy

What’s the easiest and fastest way to turn a Word document into a fillable form? DocuSign for Word is intuitive and makes creating fillable PDFs simple and easy.

DocuSign for Word integrates DocuSign's signature platform seamlessly with Microsoft® Word. You can convert Word documents to fillable PDF forms in minutes. Everything can be done using a mobile device: no hassles, no headaches, and no paper.


To create editable PDFs online with Word:

  1. Upload your Word document using the DocuSign for Word app.

  2. DocuSign for Word automatically converts the document to a PDF file format.

  3. DocuSign for Word detects form fields in the document and converts them to digital fillable fields. You can then choose what you want done with the fields:

  • Assign all of the fields to a recipient; DocuSign for Word includes any data that was entered into the original form.

  • Flatten the fields, converting the contents of the fields from the original Word document into a permanent, read-only part of your document.

  • Delete all of the fields and any data they contain.

Discover just how simple it is to convert your Word document to a fillable form with DocuSign for Word.


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It’s free!
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