History of Innovation in 50 Agreements

The History of Innovation in 50 Agreements

Agreements are what make innovation possible. Read our collection of short innovation stories.

Agreements through time

For generations, our best known innovations have been supported by an agreement.

The History of Innovation in 5 agreements

Have you ever wondered how these innovations happened?

They were not as straightforward as you think. Read about the agreements that brought them to market.
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Fairtrade label
The Fairtrade movement goes mainstream
London Underground icon
Historic act smooths the way for the world’s first underground train system
Light bulb icon
Patent purchase cements Edison’s name as the inventor of the light bulb
The History of Innovation in 50 Agreements

The History of Innovation in 50 Agreements

The world of business is founded on agreements. Without agreements there would be no development, no partnership, no capital—no business at all. It’s the point at which ideas collide and intellectual capital starts to flow. Download this inspirational book of innovation stories through time.

The agreements that sparked innovation

Be inspired by those making the agreements that changed the world.

Microsoft computer

The clever clause that made Microsoft

Amazon biggest start-up history

Bank of Mum and Dad funds the biggest start-up in history

Stem cell Isolation

Meeting of minds revolutionises cancer treatment

Taxi icon

The idea that drove the sharing economy

3 keys on a chain

Airbnb proves the rapid popularity of ‘collaborative consumption’

Video tape

How their belief in bricks-and-mortar brought Blockbuster crashing down

The History of Innovation in 50 Agreements

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