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Consent and the GDPR: An Essential Guide to Compliance

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Ensure Your Business is Prepared for the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was drafted to give citizens control over their personal information. That’s great news for individuals, but businesses will need to re-evaluate their privacy procedures and adjust how they request and manage consent.

Face the GDPR’s requirements correctly, and you’ll win new customer trust and loyalty. Go into 2018 unprepared though, and you could be in for large fines and other unwelcome consequences. Now Fieldfisher, in association with DocuSign, offers guidance to prepare you for this unprecedented legislation.
Overview of GDPR changes, news, impacts, and opportunities

Learn the GDPR’s business implications

Get an overview of the GDPR’s changes, the impact on multinational businesses, and the opportunities it presents.
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Get consent best practices

Uncover specific examples for when businesses are required to obtain consent, how to record it, and citizens’ rights to withdraw it.
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Enhance compliance with digital tools

Learn what to look for in a technology partner that can mitigate your risk while improving the user experience.

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