Announcing the Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2020 Release 3

DAC Release 3

We’re excited to announce the Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2020 Release 3, our biggest Agreement Cloud announcement to date. It includes 12 new product capabilities to help you get remote work done faster and easier. Here’s Docusign’s SVP of Engineering Tom Casey to share his favorites from Release 3:

Read on for more information on all of the capabilities in this release.

New features in Docusign eSignature

Many customers know and love Docusign for our eSignature product. From sales contracts and offer letters to account openings and invoices, eSignature is the world’s #1 way to send and sign from practically anywhere, at any time. We’re always looking for ways to improve our product, and customer feedback is essential to doing so.

In this release, we’ve listened to top customer requests to deliver exciting new features for eSignature:

  • eSignature for Slack features a Docusign chatbot that enables users to send and sign important documents from directly within Slack. This eliminates the need to switch between apps, saving time and increasing productivity.
  • SMS Delivery enables you to reach signers instantly wherever they are, with real-time notifications sent directly to their mobile device. This will help you accelerate business transactions while delivering an engaging, mobile-first experience. (We are targeting general availability of this feature for December.)
  • Agreement Actions allows admins to easily configure rules to automate common post-signature actions. This includes the ability to automatically archive completed documents to a cloud storage provider (e.g. SharePoint, Box, Dropbox, Google Drive), export data to Google Sheets and start workflows in CLM. 
  • Drawing streamlines processes by enabling a sender or signer to upload an image and allows signers to leave free-form markups on the image—all directly within the document. For example, a car insurance company can request consumers to upload an image and highlight damages to their vehicle within the claim document. 
  • Search enhancements to Organisation Management help users find the agreements they need quickly and securely. Admins can create custom search experiences using advanced filters based on agreement field data, as well as control which agreements are discoverable by specific user groups. 
  • Updates to our highly rated eSignature iOS app, which includes an improved user experience and new features (e.g. drag-and-drop tagging).

New features in Docusign CLM

Docusign’s contract lifecycle management solution, Docusign CLM, helps organisations streamline their agreement lifecycle by transforming manual processes into a digital, automated workflow. Recently named a Leader in the 2020 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Contract Lifecycle Management, CLM supports all steps within the contract lifecycle.

New enhancements include the ability to:

  • Easily manage a list of parties (e.g. vendors) and view agreement history per party. This is particularly helpful for procurement users, helping streamline the procurement process and making it easier to find, organize and report on existing vendors and agreements.  
  • Create chart-based dashboards to visualise the stages of contract workflows, providing users with a single view to manage important tasks and to identify high value activities.
  • Use CLM in a localised experience for French, German, Dutch, Spanish and Portuguese users.

Finally, there is a new member of the Docusign CLM family, CLM+! It combines CLM with AI analytics and risk-scoring. For more, see the “New Products” section below.

New features in Docusign Click

Docusign Click is our one-click, no-signature-required way to capture customer consent to standard agreement terms referred to as “clickwraps” (e.g. terms-and-conditions and privacy policies). With Click, small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises can easily and securely capture consent with a single click of a checkbox or button.  

New enhancements include the ability to:

  • Send a clickwrap agreement directly to users via a URL, in addition to embedding it on a website or app. 
  • Easily test the end-user experience of a configured clickwrap before deploying it with a new clickwrap test page—saving valuable developer resources and time.
  • Edit the clickwrap language in-app, thus avoiding the cycles of out-of-app editing and uploading.
  • And finally, a free Click production trial of 250 clickwraps for eSignature customers. This allows eSignature customers to try Click and recognise the value of a single platform for both their electronic signature and clickwrap needs. (We are targeting general availability of Click trials for December.)

New products in the Docusign Agreement Cloud

While we’re focused on making our products even better, we’re also continuing to invest in new product innovations to further improve your agreement processes—making them smarter and more secure.

These new product innovations include:

  • Docusign Analyzer helps you negotiate better agreements, faster. It applies the AI-powered advanced contract analytics of Docusign Insight to the pre-execution stage, streamlining contract review and negotiation and automatically analysing inbound contracts to help manage risk. 
  • Docusign CLM+ adds AI-driven analytics from Docusign Analyzer and Insight to our market leading CLM. This combination empowers organisations to automate manual tasks, orchestrate complex workflows and eliminate unnecessary risks more intelligently by embedding analytics and machine learning across every stage of the agreement lifecycle. 
  • Docusign Quote Gen for Salesforce CPQ+ allows Salesforce CPQ customers to leverage Gen for Salesforce as their document generation solution within CPQ+.

Learn more about The Docusign Agreement Cloud: 2020 Product Release 3 in our webinar on Thursday 3rd December: Discover the Docusign Agreement Cloud, beyond the eSignature.

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