Creating a Frictionless, Digital Experience with Clickwraps

Customers are engaging with organizations online more than ever now - whether it’s signing up for new business services or making online purchases. That means organizations will most likely need a fast and secure way to capture customer consent to standard terms and agreements, such as terms and conditions, privacy policy or disclosures. Clickwrap agreements offer a simple method for indicating agreement to a set of terms by clicking an “I Agree” button or a similar process. However, many businesses may not have a solution in place to easily capture consent while maintaining a clear audit trail. That’s why many growing businesses, like Narrative are using Docusign Click.

Making it easy for customers to sign-up for Narrative

Narrative is a data streaming startup that makes it easy to buy, sell and analyze data. As a growing technology company, it’s crucial they deliver a seamless digital experience to make customer sign-ups as easy as possible. Even though Narrative is a B2B business, they want to replicate the seamless B2C experience that people expect in everyday transactions. For example, buying a data package on Narrative should mirror the simplicity of buying a product with one click on Amazon.

That’s why Narrative looked at Docusign to help create a seamless digital experience for customers purchasing their products. For their enterprise customers, they needed a robust electronic signature solution to support complex contracting needs and could scale with their growth. They found that their former solution could not scale with their business needs, so they turned to Docusign eSignature. Many of their salespeople had already used eSignature, and knew that it is a reliable, secure product they could trust. 

But what about Narrative’s customers who had less complex contracting needs? To support these customers, Narrative recently launched a new e-commerce marketplace where customers could easily purchase data packages in a self-service model. Docusign Click played a key role in the launch by capturing customer consent to Narrative's Terms and Conditions. 

Implementing clickwraps for a frictionless experience

A frictionless customer experience is one of Narrative’s main company goals. For their new e-commerce marketplace, they needed a clickwrap solution that could seamlessly integrate into their webpage and capture customer consent with a single click. They found that Docusign Click fully met their needs—even better, they could now use Docusign as a single platform for all of their agreements, from complex contracts to standard terms and conditions.

For Narrative, providing a frictionless user experience for employees is just as important as the customer experience, and Click helps them deliver on both. Click provides an automatically generated code snippet that developers can quickly copy and paste into their code, making it easy to test and implement. This helped Narrative launch Click in just a few days—saving time and resources. This is invaluable, especially for a small start-up where resources are already stretched.

Clickwrap agreement for

In addition to the easy deployment, Narrative liked that they didn’t have to involve outside legal counsel each time they needed to make changes to the terms and conditions. With Click, organizations can easily manage and update the approved legal language in their clickwraps. On top of that, Click offers version control, which means that organizations can ensure that customers have consented to the latest version and track a detailed audit trail—providing ease of mind as their business continues to grow.

Personalize clickwraps at scale

Clickwraps are great for getting one-click consent for high volume one-to-many agreements, but many companies also have high volumes of one-to-one non-negotiable agreements that can be delivered as a clickwrap. Now all Docusign Click customers have early access* to easily insert dynamic content (e.g., name, company, job title, email, date) into standardized agreements and embed them as part of a digital process flow. This easy, dynamic customization can transform a one-to-many standard agreement into a very personal agreement at scale and deliver a frictionless personalized digital experience.

These personalized clickwraps are ideal for policy agreements, attestations, business-to-business waivers, consent forms, NDAs and releases of liability. Using personalized clickwraps frees up legal or HR teams to focus on higher value, more complex agreements in Docusign eSignature, making Docusign Click a great complementary product.  

*This feature is being offered as an Early Access Service as defined in our Terms of Use and will be made available to customers upon their first access of the Early Access Service until December 31, 2022 unless terminated earlier by Docusign.

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