Digital Transformation - 3 ways to get your organisation started

What is Digital Transformation? 

Have you ever wondered what your organisation might look like if you implemented more digital systems? Over the last 18 months, businesses have shown resilience and have adapted by pivoting to remote workforces, mastering virtual communications and introducing completely digital transactions. This digital business transformation move has allowed organisations to break away from outdated paper-based and error-prone manual operations, allowing them to free up valuable time and resources.

In order to thrive in this increasingly automated environment, businesses like yours, need to implement digital transformation initiatives to have that cutting edge on competitors. We know that digital transformation is the future- here’s how your business can ensure digital transformation success. 

Salesforce define digital transformation as the process of using digital technologies to create new — or modify existing — business processes, culture, and customer experiences to meet changing business and market requirements. This reimagining of business in the digital age is digital transformation.

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1.) Digitise your organisations end-to-end agreement processes 

Whether it's between organisations and consumers, service providers or employees, businesses run on agreements every single day. Unfortunately, end-to-end agreement processes are often supported by legacy systems and manual obstacles that add frustration and friction, eroding security and trust. The Docusign Agreement Cloud does what legacy systems can’t: it streamlines the contract lifecycle, enhances customer experience and brings everything together, online. Cut out the numerous workflow steps involved before and after the traditional wet signature that often involve support from employees, partners and vendors.

Infact, Docusign has helped Hays Recruitment reach its paperless office aspirations, saving 16 million sheets of paper and 1,092 trees using eSignature. Implementing this software could be the first point of action in your organisations digital transformation strategy. 

2.) Use AI to derive valuable insights from your agreements 

Everyday organisations waste countless hours manually searching through contracts to find answers to legal and compliance questions. Fortunately, Docusign Insight allows you to search for specific clauses across thousands of agreements in just a few clicks. This contract analytics technology powered by AI reduces human error, saves time and allows you to access important data quickly and accurately. 

Digital transformation trends like AI offer many other benefits as well, such as helping you understand where you’ve negotiated well so you can replicate that success in future agreements. Overall, greater visibility into risks and opportunities reduces manual effort and can dramatically lower costs

 3.) Implement robust data privacy solutions

Security and trust between your business and your customers, partners and vendors is a vital component to the success of your organisation. This can’t be overlooked particularly when you're dealing with agreements containing sensitive information. Now more than ever organisations are expected to have strong security mechanisms and robust operational processes that meet or exceed the highest international standards and will protect your documents and data

In an article published on the National Federation of Self Employed & Small Businesses Limited’s (FSB) website, they discuss why complying with data protection laws is so important for the sustainability and development of your organisation. Docusign’s range of Data Privacy Solutions can help you achieve this. A robust infrastructure will deliver consistently high availability to provide assurance that services are there whenever they’re needed. Ultimately, you need customers to trust that you’re protecting their information and will deliver what you’ve promised. It’s no different for your employees, partners and vendors. In order to reap the business benefits of digital transformation evaluate your agreement processes from the inside out, addressing any of your own weak points first and then working with those in your organisation to do the same.

Digitisation is the direction we are all going in but it can’t happen overnight, it requires a future focused and innovative approach. Evaluate your organisation's processes and ask yourself if there’s any weight that technology could take off your shoulders?