Docusign Analyzer: AI-Powered Contract Analytics, Before You Sign

Every incoming agreement carries risk—that’s why contracts need to be carefully reviewed and negotiated. But a lengthy negotiation process overburdens valuable legal resources and can lead to business delays, increased costs and a poor experience for all involved.

Newly-introduced Docusign Analyzer allows you to negotiate better agreements, faster, with the power of advanced contract analytics.  Analyzer streamlines contract review and negotiation by delivering automated analysis of inbound contracts to help manage risk. With AI-based insights, you’ll gain a clear understanding of what you are being asked to sign — before it’s too late to negotiate a better agreement.

Analyzer provides automated clause and term analysis, along with interactive risk scorecards for inbound agreements. Teams get business done faster as Analyzer accelerates the process of securing contract approval from legal and business leaders. Analyzer also helps reduce risk by confirming that agreement terms meet your organisation’s business, legal and compliance requirements. And it helps deliver a smoother, less tedious negotiation process for everyone involved.

Contract analytics, before you sign

Docusign Analyzer is part of the Docusign Agreement Cloud and is an extension to the Docusign Insight solution. Analyzer integrates with Docusign CLM and Docusign eSignature to create a seamless workstream for preparing, signing, acting on, and managing agreements. 

Here are some of the new capabilities that Analyzer brings to agreement processes:

  • AI-based clause analysis for incoming agreements: purpose-built contract AI breaks agreements down to their core components, delivering an interactive list of clauses for fast, easy review and analysis of agreements based on the legal concepts they contain.
  • Risk scoring of contract content to guide fast action: Analyzer provides shareable, easy-to-understand “red-yellow-green” scorecards calling out terms of interest — whether present or missing — based on the organisation’s legal and business policies. Teams can configure multiple scorecards to meet a range of use cases.
  • Familiar user experience via Microsoft Word: users can access Analyzer via a Microsoft Word sidebar, enabling teams to easily review and edit agreements without leaving Word. Analyzer is also compatible with Word Online for cloud-based review.
  • Direct access to your library of pre-approved clauses: easily edit existing contract text with pre-approved language from your organisation’s legal team. Just click in the sidebar to add recommended primary or fallback language from the clause library to the agreement text.
  • Workflow and routing integration with Docusign CLM: for customers of Docusign CLM, Analyzer both enhances and benefits from CLM’s robust workflows of enabling intelligent routing to the right stakeholders based on contract content and risk analysis. Key Analyzer functionality can also be accessed directly within the CLM document preview

Teams get more business done, faster

UnitedLex has seen firsthand what the power of AI-integrated tools can achieve for legal teams. A key collaborator in the industry’s largest deployment of AI for pre-signature commercial contracting, UnitedLex has leveraged Docusign Analyzer across a team of 250+ global transactional attorneys. The deployment reduced human review time and ensured consistency of response, whilst simultaneously mitigating risk. By optimising the contract process using AI-automation technology, legal departments can overcome increasing workloads and better service their business.

“Docusign Analyzer is a great asset that offers smarter execution of the contract process and cost-effective outcomes. UnitedLex is excited to collaborate with Docusign on the industry’s largest deployment of AI within commercial contracting.” 

Dan Hendy, EVP Corporate & Commercial Services

The benefits of streamlined contract analysis extend beyond the corporate legal department. According to a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Docusign, 65% of those involved in the contract process experience delays in closing deals related to contract management. Analyzer helps procurement confidently negotiate third-party supplier agreements by automatically identifying high-risk terms based on the organisation's own legal standards — so they can be addressed before they become binding obligations.

Analyzer also empowers sales teams to operate with a higher degree of self-sufficiency, in compliance with corporate policies. Routing contracts to the right approvers based on assessed risk—using integrated Docusign CLM workflows—makes efficient use of valuable legal resources and enables sales leaders to close deals faster. 

Discover more about Docusign Analyzer or learn more  in the whitepaper: Contract Analytics: The Key to Unlocking the Business Value

Docusign Contributor