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MomentumLive Europe 2020: Q&A

Every company is tackling the challenge of remote work in their own way. Our special event, MomentumLive Europe shared best practices of Docusign is supporting organisations’ ability to do business remotely. Santander, Schneider Electric, TeleDoctor24 and Generali are adapting to “the new normal” in ways that are not only keeping businesses going but also reducing costs and accelerating results.

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During MomentumLive, we conducted a live Q&A. Let’s jump straight into your questions, answered by our experts:


1 .Is eSignature legally binding and accepted around the world?

Almost every country in the world has adopted an electronic signature law, and the vast majority recognise Docusign’s form of eSignature as meeting the definition of a valid eSignature. Docusign eSignature enables multiple parties in different jurisdictions to complete agreements in a legally valid way. Docusign eSignatures comply with UK law, eIDAS.

Docusign has created a comprehensive guide to the law in each region here, or dive further into legality or in our eBook, A Legality Guide to eSignature.

Docusign products and features

  • Docusign Payments

2. Do you include any payment solution connected to Docusign eSignature?

Docusign Payments allows for Payments to be captured upon completion of signing and works with a number of Payment Gateways for Payment and Recurring Payment set-up.

  • Docusign Identify 

3. Is Docusign Identify included in packages or separate to eSignature?

Docusign Identify is an add-on package. 

4. Can you provide more information on ID verification?

Docusign Identify has a range of choices for organisations that need to identify signers beyond the standard practice of clicking an emailed link.

Docusign ID Verification is fully integrated with Docusign eSignature, enabling customers to securely verify signers’ identities prior to accessing the agreement. Docusign ID Verification supports government photo IDs and European eIDs by analysing the document security features and matching the name on the agreement against the name on the ID. After a successful verification, the signer can view the agreement and sign as usual.

What’s more, Docusign Identify has a spectrum of choices for organisations that need to identify signers beyond the standard practice of clicking an emailed link. 

To find out more on this topic, discover what the future holds for online identity verification

  • Docusign eWitness

5. Given we now adhere to social distancing, how does witnessing of signings work?

Docusign provides an eWitness feature; if you want to have a witness for a signer, you can use the Signs with Witness recipient type. You can add one or more witnesses for a signer. The signer specifies the identity of the witnesses when they sign your document. Witness events are recorded on the Certificate of Completion. For more information on this topic, visit our support centre which explains how to include a witness for a signer, using Docusign.

6. If you have eSignature, can you also have an electronic witness? How can you be sure the security means they are definitely different people?

Yes. There are a number of data entry points captured to provide an insight into who, where and how the signer and witness are signing.

  • Docusign eSignature

7. What is the difference between needs to sign and in person signer?

Needs to sign would be a scenario where the signer is remote and would receive an email notification to access the document. With InPerson signing, a host facilitates a Docusign session for signing "in Person", meaning in the same location and on the same device. Find more information on our support centre. 

8. How do you ensure the signature type (QES, AES, SES) matches the relevant level of ID verification?

Such validation is done during the initial enrolment process. The process will vary depending on the solution used - either in person or remotely.

9. When signing as QES (and using IDNow) does the signatory need to identify themselves each time?

The signer does not need to go through the identification process each time, as long as they have created an account. This will allow the signer to be able to sign as QES for a two year period before having to re-identify themselves.

10. Can I choose what kind of Signature (SES/AES/QES) I want to use within Docusign? Do different use cases require different signature types?

Yes, you can define the signature level (SES,AES,QES) at the recipient level. This allows you to address different use cases on the same platform but also to combine different levels on the same envelope. For example, internal/external signatures could use different signature levels. 


11. Can you provide information about the delegation of a signature.

Recipients of a Docusign envelope can transfer the envelope to someone else if they are not the intended recipient in the company or do not have the authority to sign. Additionally, the sender of a Docusign envelope can indicate that their contact should assign the signers within their company.

12. If a document with a lot of pages needs to be initialled on each page, does the sender need to put concerning boxes manually on each page?

This would be a good use case for Docusign AutoPlace functionality. A text reference or code in the location can be used for placing the initials tag automatically. Please find further information on our support centre

  • Envelopes

13. Are completed Envelopes saved in the Cloud and is this secure?

Completed Envelopes are saved to the Docusign Cloud. These can be downloaded locally and purged from the Docusign Platform if required. Please see our Trust Centre for more information on our cloud security.

14. Is a license connected to an account - One time Signer vs. Frequent Signer?

Licenses are linked to the sender, not the signer. So people needing to sign a document do not need a license.

15. In Bulk Send, do recipients only see data specific to them i.e. not other employee information?

Yes, using Bulk Send, each individual recipient will see the data specific to them, so if you have prefilled specific filled like an employee number, they would only see their own and not the others' 

16. If you bulk send 1 document to 10 people does it count as 1 envelope or 10?

It counts as 10 envelopes as each envelope is an independent contract.

  • Bulk Send

17. Is there a way to send a standard letter to many, but with personal information, such as their salary, in the letter?

Yes. With the Bulk Send feature, you can easily send the same documents to a large number of recipients. You simply set up your envelope once, import your recipients, and each receives a unique copy of the documents to complete. Additionally, you can customise authentication, add notes and other custom information for each recipient.

18. How many Bulk Send recipients can be sent at one time?

Limits are set to 1000 per hour.

19. In the bulk send, can we include user ID verification?

Yes, Bulk Send can be set to include SMS Authentication, Pin Code or ID Verification per signer.

  • PowerForms

20. Does every person who fills in a PowerForm need a Docusign license?

With PowerForms, you can create a Docusign transaction without having to send the documents from your Docusign account. You can link the PowerForm on your website, or distribute as a secured link through email. Signers can access and sign your forms on demand, making PowerForms a way to capture signatures and data from people whom you do not know ahead of time. Signers do not need a Docusign Account and can access the document via the link.

21. With PowerForms, does each user need a Docusign licence or how does this work?

Signers of PowerForms do not need a license. You can post the URL on your website/intranet for people to click through to sign a document.



22. Does Docusign have standard interfaces to cloud-based HR systems like SuccessFactors and Workday?

Yes we have over 350+ pre built integrations and we have one for both Workday and SuccessFactors and many customers on each. Discover more details about our partner Workday y and SAP Success Factors.

23. Instead of uploading a form, can I create a form (loan application) within Docusign so that when completed by our clients, we can download the data and integrate it with our loan management software?

Yes, using either one of our many pre built connectors or via a custom integration using our open APIs. 

24. Does Docusign integrate with ServiceNow?

Yes there are multiple integrations available with ServiceNow. One of them has been built by our partner eSignifi.


25. Can Docusign be used via a remote desktop server?

Yes, Docusign is a fully web based platform and can be used via RDP.

26. Can we archive signed documents via Docusign on the Docusign portal? Or is it better to download them and archive them on our systems?

You can leave your documents on the platform as long as you have a valid subscription in progress with us in order to benefit from our storage. Note that we also have the capacity via a partner to provide archiving with legal value also.

27. If I send a document to be signed by a private client, do they need a Docusign license or just an internet connection and email address?

Docusign does not require a signer to have a license or any type of software pre-installed.  The only requirement is access to email and an internet connection to be able to sign. 

28. Is Docusign eSignature compatible with Google Docs?

Yes, it is. Find out more about growing your business with the only eSignature solution recommended for G Suite

29. Is a license connected to an account - One time Signer vs. Frequent Signer?

Licenses are linked to the sender, not the signer. So people needing to sign a document do not need a license.

Here at Docusign, we would like to thank our customers; Teledoctor24, Generali, Schneider Electric and Santander UK - and all those who joined us for MomentumLive Europe.  The event was a massive pivot for us, morphing from its usual in-person event featuring expos, learning labs, keynotes and more into a snappy, one-hour virtual event.

If you missed it, you can still watch MomentumLive Europe on-demand and find a path to faster, more efficient ways of doing business.

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