Announcing the DocuSign 2023 Release 3

While many organisations have taken steps to digitise their agreements, they often stop at converting their documents to PDFs or storing these flat files digitally. As a result the agreement process is, at best, a digital replica of their paper based processes.

Some agreement processes are shorter and others more complex, but they all share a common set of steps:

A diagram of the Agreement Process, from generating agreements, to signing, to storing and managing them.

With the new capabilities we’re bringing to customers, teams can now unlock data, layer in intelligence at every step and orchestrate across workflows, making the agreement process smarter, easier and more trusted.

The innovations in the DocuSign 2023 Release 3 transform the way organisations generate agreements, create better signing experiences and manage agreements after signature.

Here are the highlights from DocuSign 2023 Release 3:

Generate agreements 

Every team wants to make the process of creating agreements easier. In this release, we’re automating workflows and introducing advanced tools for generating agreements that simplify how templates are created and edited.

Advanced template formatting with Microsoft Word 

Document template formatting is now easier than ever. Admins can now use Microsoft Word  to format CLM Essentials templates so that end users can quickly generate documents that align with corporate design and functional standards. Available August 2023.

Streamline customer onboarding for banking transactions

We’re expanding the DocuSign CLM experience by integrating with Salesforce Financial Services Cloud (FSC). This integration automates document generation and workflows, enabling customers to quickly and easily complete onboarding tasks. Available August 2023.

Sign agreements 

An easy signing experience leads to faster transactions, higher completion rates and better customer experiences. That’s why it’s more important than ever to ensure your digital customer experiences are simple to access and seamlessly integrated.

Seamlessly embedded agreements 

As more customer transactions shift to take place digitally, eliminating potential abandonment in agreement processes is more important than ever. An enhancement to Embedded Signing enables users to easily configure the display format so that agreements can seamlessly match the look and feel of websites or applications. Users can also configure different signing methods, including click-to-sign, to eliminate friction points and optimise conversion rates. Available October 2023

Store and manage agreements

A smarter agreement management experience is critical to ensure that our customers stay ahead of important milestones. That's why we're introducing the ability to set customised contract reminders in CLM Essentials.

Agreement reminders

CLM Essentials customers can now manage their contracts more efficiently. By scheduling custom email agreement reminders, users can avoid missing important contract milestones, like contract expiration, renewal, or follow-up deadlines. Users can customise reminders for each recipient group, such as billing reminders for finance or account check-in reminders for sales. Available August 2023

Check out the full DocuSign 2023 Release 3

In the DocuSign 2023 Release 3, we’ve also announced several updates to our Microsoft integration, and our real estate and healthcare offerings.

Want to learn more? Visit our DocuSign Release 3 page to access additional information on these latest enhancements. 

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