Optimising legal review: How Culture Amp is using AI-driven insights to enhance compliance

A veritable who’s who of contracting experts recently gathered in Melbourne for the World Commerce & Contracting (WCC) APAC Summit. The event, jam-packed with keynotes, workshops and insightful discussions, explored all the latest trends and issues in contract management.

One big trend? AI, of course. How are today’s contracting professionals using AI to improve processes and realise new value? 

To get some answers, DocuSign hosted a session at the Summit with one of our favourite customers, Culture Amp. This SaaS company is all about helping businesses around the globe support employee wellbeing and positively impact the world of work. And they walk the talk internally, too, always on the look-out for ways to improve workflows and processes for their own team. 

Here’s a recap of the great conversation that DocuSign’s Ben Panfil had with Sarah Tinsley, General Counsel and Company Secretary, Culture Amp, about how they are leveraging the power of AI insights to streamline and expedite contracting processes. 

Strengthening systems for growth

When Sarah started with Culture Amp, the team had just implemented SpringCM (which was acquired by DocuSign in 2018). She could see there were pain points in the system and, as they grew, she knew they would need a more robust, scalable platform to better serve enterprise customers, gain more visibility, track data, and more. 

“The idea of having full insight into our agreements was incredibly attractive to us,” she said. And so Culture Amp made the decision to switch to DocuSign CLM — and, in doing so, tap into new opportunities to drive business intelligence, uncover trends, and accelerate the speed of doing business. 

Sarah and her team worked hard to remove internal roadblocks to implementation, overcoming an initial lack of engagement from sales and executive teams with help from DocuSign’s Customer Success team. “Now, we’re flying,” said Sarah.

Today, Culture Amp’s legal team is using the in-built intelligence in DocuSign CLM to analyse and report on a range of contracting issues. Whereas previously, the manual scoring of contracts could take months, they can now generate incredibly useful and actionable reports in weeks. It’s all helping them close deals quicker, streamline processes for both sales and legal teams, and earn more revenue.

It’s all about speed and efficiency, as Sarah explained. “How do we use the insights to make the sales team look better to their own customers? How do they pull data out very quickly to go back to the customer? We have really good functionality with DocuSign now around planned responses, pre-approved changes, and clause libraries that the sales team can pull from so they can put their contracts together quickly, and run with it.”

If there are any problems or complexities, legal can easily step in. “This new functionality supercharges sales and really empowers them,” she said.

As Sarah and the team at Culture Amp have proven, DocuSign CLM is proving to be a real game-changer for organisations on a rapid growth trajectory. To learn more about how it could transform your business, contact our sales team today