Why customers choose DocuSign

  • Sharon Robles
    Sharon Robles
    Sharon Robles Agency, LLC
    "DocuSign has cured the key pain point of signature compliance. We are growing our business as rapidly as we close business! In fact, DocuSign is responsible for the influx of referrals from genuinely happy customers. As those with signature compliance in the insurance industry can imagine, such a reality is a dream come true."
  • Falco and Associates, Inc.
    Teri Falco
    Falco and Associates, Inc.
    "I was a bit skeptical about the DocuSign process, but I’m happy to report that it makes life a lot easier for myself and clients. It’s very easy to use and my clients from the tech-savvy to the tech-timid experienced no problems as the process is virtually seamless. We are using DocuSign for most of our applications and change requests. So glad to have it."
  • Martinek Insurance Services
    Rob Martinek
    Martinek Insurance Services
    "DocuSign has delivered a level of efficiency, reliability and consistency to my agency operations that is difficult to describe. The benefits have been enormous. This product has revolutionized my workflow and provided value in every step of the insurance/client relationship process. If that wasn't enough, it's also intuitive and easy to use. Thanks for making selling insurance fun again."
  •  American Insurance Point
    Ana Regina Myrrha
    American Insurance Point
    "When I opened my business coincidently I helped a friend of mine with a document and the signature was through DocuSign. I was thrilled! It was love at first sight!”
  • Willie King
    Willie King
    First Community Insurance
    "We send out documents for review with secure delivery. Primarily we use DocuSign to get applications and change requests back to our agency at a highly efficient rate. DocuSign has created efficiencies in completing our document signing workflow. It's cut down on our postage expense as well as document preparation time."
  • McClain
    Vickie McClain
    McClain Insurance
    "I use DocuSign with every application that signatures are required, sometimes by both spouses. Instead of downloading, printing, signing, scanning and emailing or faxing back the customer just does it digitally and its easier and more convenient for them."
  • Mke Brouwers
    Mike Brouwers
    The Brouwers Agency, LLC
    "We use DocuSign for probably 75% of all our applications for new insurance policies. Everything from home insurance, auto insurance, liability policies, large commercial accounts, and life insurance. We represent a variety of insurance companies and legal counsel at each company approved the use of DocuSign. DocuSign has drastically improved efficiency in our office. It has also reduced our postage expense by a marked amount."
  • Christine Tillett
    Christine Tillett
    MetLife Agent
    "I love DocuSign! My biggest challenge as an insurance agent was getting forms signed and returned, because the rest of my transaction could be done by phone or email. So relying on someone having a fax ,scanner or remembering to mail me the forms back was a huge waste of time. Every new customer has to sign the insurance forms and now with DocuSign its so simple people can do it with their phone. It's so efficient, I can see that they got the form and viewed it. If they don't complete it I can set it to keep bugging them until they sign it. Amazing product."
  • Jim Cantwell
    Jim Cantwell
    Crist, Fritschi & Paterson
    "Customers liked receiving their application via email but in order to sign it they had to print it and return it to us. No one has a fax machine anymore, so getting it back to us was costly, time-consuming and inconvenient for the client. With DocuSign, all that hassle and time is eliminated and we can get applications done quickly and easily—in minutes. Clients love it and so do I."
  • Michael Fusco
    Michael Fusco
    Fusco Orsini
    "DocuSign has done wonders for our business. Previously one of our biggest challenges was reaching our commercial clients who travel often. Now we can get signatures from the client’s mobile phone in minutes. We use DocuSign for everything from applications and proposals to disclosures and e-payment forms. Every client comments on how easy DocuSign is to use. I also appreciate being on top of the sales process – with DocuSign I can quickly see the status of every client, all in one place."
  • Whitney Malone
    Whitney Malone
    Gardiner Allen DeRoberts Insurance
    "DocuSign helps us grow our business. When we win a new client, they can sign the Agent of Record document right away, which is much better than mailing it and risking it being forgotten or lost. Most of all, e-signatures are the way of the future and fit with where we are going as an agency. The great technology of DocuSign both enhances our agency reputation and serves our customers extremely well."
  • Alejandro Moreno
    Alejandro Moreno
    Insurance Agent
    "DocuSign is irreplaceable to our business! Before DocuSign, getting an application signed was time consuming and costly to us and very inconvenient for clients, as they had to print, then fax or mail back to us. We used to wait several days and thanks to DocuSign the turnaround is immediate. Our clients also love signing from their phone. DocuSign reinforces the professionalism and pleasant experience we provide our clients."
  • Patrick Kraft
    Patrick Kraft
    Kraft Insurance
    "I love getting documents back that are signed correctly and quickly. Before DocuSign, about half of the applications I sent were returned accurately, and the other half were returned weeks later or returned with errors…or occasionally not even returned at all. DocuSign is so easy and efficient; I get most responses the same day and they’re error-free. I am so enthusiastic about DocuSign, I encourage all my industry colleagues to get on board."
  • Jeremy Holt
    Jeremy Holt
    Holt insurance Agency
    "DocuSign cuts my time to prepare and send out documents for signature by 60%. It’s also valuable to have the record of when a document was sent, viewed and signed. And as our company is going paperless, it couldn’t be easier to upload the completed PDF files to our management system."

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