• 31%

    Increase in paperless eBilling enrollments
  • $10

    Saved for each paperless eBilling enrollment

Philadelphia Insurance’s mission is to offer innovative products and unsurpassed service to its customers. For the property, casualty and professional liability insurance provider, making that mission a reality requires a commitment to innovation. In fact, one of the company’s values is to “continuously review and refine our business processes to improve efficiency and the ease of doing business.” So when Philadelphia Insurance’s paperless billing enrollment was not growing as fast as anticipated, the company knew it was time for a change.

At the time, only 3% to 5% of Philadelphia Insurance’s customers participated in paperless billing despite various marketing efforts. The team suspected that complex enrollment was the obstacle holding customers back. Philadelphia Insurance saw an opportunity to digitize the process to make it easier for customers and reduce manual work for employees handling the requests. The company implemented DocuSign eSignature to simplify enrollment and saw a significant jump to 35% customer participation.

Simplified paperless billing enrollment

To sign up for paperless billing, Philadelphia Insurance customers had to complete a nine-step enrollment process. It was a long and confusing experience for customers, which led to lackluster signup rates. Philadelphia insurance saw an opportunity to offer a digital enrollment experience that was not only user friendly for customers, but also reduced the time required by employees during the process.

With DocuSign eSignature, the company created an easy, digital enrollment template in Microsoft Word and uploaded it to DocuSign for customers to fill out and sign digitally. Having the form in DocuSign also meant customer data could be automatically routed to the company’s other internal systems on the back end, eliminating the need for employees to update them manually.

Philadelphia Insurance took an incremental approach to implementing paperless billing enrollment with DocuSign eSignature. The team began with one pilot and then initiated a second – each included email blasts to 250 customers. After the first pilot, enrollment in eBilling was around 15%. The team then tweaked the process in the second pilot by adding more pre-filled fields on the DocuSign eSignature form, which increased enrollment levels to 35%.

Fast, measurable ROI with eSignature

With DocuSign eSignature, Philadelphia Insurance saves $10 per paperless enrollment and the reduction in paper bills means the company is reducing its environmental impact. 

With such a clear ROI, Ryan Spengler at Philadelphia Insurance recognizes the value that digitizing enrollment has brought to customers and the company. 

DocuSign has been a home run for us and it’s a relatively simple fix. People always say, ‘I wish I’d thought of this sooner.
Ryan Spengler
Quality & Performance IMprovement Analyst
Philadelphia Insurance