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Sustainability Tips for Earth Day 2022

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Environmental impact and sustainability have always been at the core of Docusign’s mission. Our founders sought to build technology that simplifies and reduces the environmental footprint of paper-based processes across virtually every industry.

Docusign for Forests

We started the Docusign for Forests initiative in 2019, to support nonprofit organizations protecting the world’s forests. Because we know our customers care about reducing their carbon footprint as much as we do, we launched an environmental impact calculator in our core eSignature product. To date, our customers have saved over 55.8 billion sheets of paper, 5.9 billion gallons of water and over 326 million pounds of waste by using eSignature.

Docusign for Forests is part of Docusign IMPACT, our commitment to harness the power of Docusign's people, products and profits to help promote climate action, promote equal access to opportunity, and support healthy and safe communities where we work and live.

55.8 billion sheets of paper saved

A purpose driven culture

As the new leader of Docusign IMPACT, I’ve been incredibly energized by how engaged our employees are in this work. We have a very purpose-driven culture and our IMPACT efforts play a big role in that. To be able to lead this team at a time when we all need to take action to combat climate change inspires me to ensure our products, our people and our profits continue to do good in communities around the world.

Another reason I was so excited to lead Docusign IMPACT was the executive support from the highest levels of the organization. After becoming carbon neutral-certified earlier this year, Docusign CEO Dan Springer said: “Our work doesn’t end [with becoming carbon neutral]; we must do more and we will. It’s the right thing to do for our planet and our business.”

On that note, later this year we will submit our plan to reduce emissions to The Science Based Targets Initiative (SBTi) for official validation and will make further announcements once our plan has been vetted and approved. By committing to both 1.5⁰C science-based targets and net-zero science-based targets we are committing to the highest level of ambition for emissions reduction in both the near-term (2030) and long term (2050).

We’ll also continue to fight for the world’s forests in partnership with leading non profits around the world. We have committed over $2.5 million to organizations doing critical work to preserve the world’s forests. The first $1 million commitment was made to the Jane Goodall Legacy Foundation to support Dr. Goodall’s continuing fight to protect the planet’s resources. Other Docusign for Forests grantees include The Wilderness Society, Rainforest Trust, The Nature Conservancy, Trees for Cities, and Friends of the Urban Forest.

Join us to help protect the world’s forests

For Earth Day 2022, we asked our social media community to join us in helping spread the word about the need to both protect the world’s forests and plant new trees. And they delivered. So in honor of our online community, we've partnered with One Tree Planted to plant 10,000 new trees.

Check out One Tree Planted to see how you can make a difference!

Individual choices and actions make a difference

Here are some sustainability tips from the United Nations to remember on Earth Day:

  • Research plant-based food alternatives. Try recreating your favorite family recipes with plant-based ingredients.
  • Re-purpose materials from around your house into new items; make jewelry, bags or plant holders! Wrap gifts in decorative recycled paper instead of store-bought gift wrap.
  • Plant a garden or add some green to your space. If you have access to a backyard (or even a window box), now is the perfect time to plant a garden.
  • Ask restaurants to skip the plastic utensils when you order delivery or takeout.
  • Shop sustainably. Like, clothes made from recycled materials, package-free toiletries and household essentials.
  • Watch an environmental documentary or animal show. Research ways to protect your favorite animals.
  • Learn about recyclables. Sure, you recycle plastic bottles and aluminum cans, but there are probably a lot more things that you could be recycling, like cell phones, batteries, even denim clothing!

And I’m adding one of my own:

Be conscious of paper use. Use recycled or forest-certified paper. Before printing, ask yourself whether it's really necessary. Send documents electronically for review and signature. If you print, use two sides, reduce margins and font size. When you're discarding paper, recycle.

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Are you passionate about driving environmental change through business action? Join us. Docusign offers paid volunteer time off days, donation matching, global IMPACT volunteer events, and many more ways to give back. See open positions.

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