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Here are some of the latest popular questions that the DocuSign developers community asked on Stack Overflow in the month of May 2020. You too can ask questions by using the tag docusignapi in Stack Overflow.

Thread: Docusign | Embedded Signing | How can sender share the “recipient signing URL” with recipient/signer?

Summary: The developer is asking, if they have two users of their app, how can embedded signing be used if one user generates the URL and the other user needs to sign using the same URL.

Answer: Embedded Signing is a technology that can be used to generate a signing URL for an envelope in the DocuSign system. There are two actions involved: first, setting up the envelope to be signed with all the required documents and tabs; second, generating the embedded URL for signing. The first part can be done independently of the second by a different user of the app at another time.

Thread: DocuSign.eSign, Version=, could not be resolved on the .NET Framework assembly "System.ComponentModel.Annotations, Version=

Summary: The developer is trying to use the C# eSignature SDK, which is also a nuget package for the .NET Framework, and is running into an error reported by the .NET Framework when trying to load the DLL provided by the nuget package.

Answer: The developer is using Visual Studio 2012 as well as .NET Framework 4.5. The C# eSignature SDK requires a minimum version of 4.5.2, since some of the dependencies are specific for this version of .NET Framework. The developer could upgrade their .NET Framework to 4.5.2 even while using Visual Studio 2012, but that would also have to be done in the environment where the application is eventually deployed.

Thread: Docusign eSignature REST API authentication Docusign JWT API error

Summary: The developer is in the early stages of building an application and is trying to understand how their decision about their chosen authentication model will impact the functionality of their app. Specifically, they wonder if they need each of the users signing documents using their app to have a DocuSign account.Answer: Signers of DocuSign envelopes do not need to have an account with the DocuSign system. The only need for a user to have an account is when they want to either send documents for signature or retrieve past documents that they have signed. If these activities are handled by the integration that the developer has built, they can use a single user account and authenticate using JWT such that the end users do not need to be involved in the API authentication to DocuSign.


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