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Here are some of the latest popular questions that the DocuSign developers community asked on Stack Overflow in the month of April 2020. You too can ask questions by using the tag docusignapi in Stack Overflow.

Thread: Not able to update user profile using DocuSign admin API

Summary: The developer is trying to use the DocuSign Admin API for the purpose of updating DocuSign user profiles. They attempted to obtain an access token and call the endpoint but are getting errors.

Answer: There are probably a couple of different issues here. First, it seems that they were not using the right set of scopes when requesting the access token. Since they’re using Authorization Code Grant, the URL that is used to enable user authentication needs to include the scope parameter with the correct scopes. Secondly, they were not using the correct endpoint for their request. To update user profiles, the POST request should be made to the following URL - {baseURI}/v2/organizations/{organizationId}/users/profiles.

Thread: Set document value with REST API

Summary: The developer has an existing envelope with documents, recipients, and some text fields (tabs). They would like to use the eSignature REST API to update the value of one or more of these tabs. They are getting an error from the API trying to do so.

Answer: In the DocuSign eSignature hierarchy of elements, envelopes contain documents and recipients and the tabs have to be associated with both. Therefore, there are two different endpoints that can be used to update the value of tabs, but they do not work the same way. The developer was trying to use the Envelopes::UpdateDocumentTabs method, whereas they should have used the Envelope::UpdateTabs method. The former method is used primarily for newer capabilities like document markup where the document can be modified even while locked (meaning currently opened for signing) while the latter is the correct way for an integration to update the content of the envelope tabs.

Thread: 'IntegratorKey xxxx for user Id xxx does not have access to API version v2' Docusign JWT API error

Summary: The developer is trying to use the Rooms API in production using an integration key that was previously approved for their app usage with the eSignature API. They are getting an error.

Answer: The process for going live with Rooms API integrations (at the time of this writing) is very different from the process you may have used for eSignature. Moreover, just because your app was approved to be used in production for the eSignature API, doesn’t mean it can also be used for Rooms API calls. We recommend that you use a different integration key for your Rooms API integration, but regardless, going live at this point requires you to email with the words "Rooms go-live" in the subject line, providing various information. You can read more details about this process in the DocuSign Rooms API Go-Live Guide.


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