New sample app for education: MyUni

Our latest sample app is focused on the education industry: MyUni. MyUni is a university and the students in MyUni can use this platform to do three things:

  1. Request to change their major or minor
  2. Request an unofficial copy of their most recent transcript
  3. Sign up and pay for an extracurricular activity

As you may expect, all of these activities use DocuSign functionality via our APIs.

The sample app showcases the following APIs and features:

The MyUni sample app was built using Python Flask and our Python SDK on the server side and React on the front end. It is hosted on Linux servers that run the Node web server. The source for this app is available for you on GitHub.

We hope you find this useful! We plan to add additional sample apps in the future. Feel free to send any feedback you might have to

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Inbar Gazit
Inbar Gazit
Sr. Manager, Developer Content