Developer Spotlight: Nick Reed, DocuSign

Nick Reed is a Software Engineer in the DocuSign Developer Center, responsible for the recent release of the Postman E-Sign API Collection that introduces developers to DocuSign’s eSignature API without having to write any code. He also developed the LoanCo sample app.

Nick was welcomed to DocuSign in 2011 after attending a company-sponsored hackathon and received an award for a teacher/parent application he built. He is a self-taught full stack developer with 15 years of experience who loves creating tools for developers and building useful, intuitive experiences. Originally hailing from Seattle, he moved to the Bay Area of San Francisco in 2010 and has fallen in love with the weather, people, and ambiance. Nick previously built an online reservation system for tennis facilities, a privacy and API-focused email product, and has founded or co-founded a few startups.

He is a huge Seattle Seahawks fan, avid reader, and advocate of the Golden Rule. You can read his DocuSign API for Postman blog.

Tony Mann
Tony Mann
Director of Developer Content