Developer Spotlight: Hamza Ibsalim, Dubizzle Labs

Developer Spotlight: Hamza Ibsalim, Dubizzle Labs

Hamza Ibsalim’s journey as a developer began in 2018 when his profound fascination with technology drove him to embark on a career in software development. Over the years, Hamza has been fortunate to explore a diverse array of technologies, witnessing the dynamic evolution of the digital landscape. At present, he is a Senior Full-Stack Engineer at Dubizzle Labs, where he plays a pivotal role in overseeing the development and maintenance of the company’s custom CRM software.

Prior to Dubizzle’s adoption of DocuSign, their sales team grappled with the laborious process of manually sharing and signing contracts with potential clients. Recognizing the urgent need for automation, Hamza embarked on a quest to discover the ideal solution. After extensive research, it became abundantly clear that DocuSign was the perfect fit for Dubizzle’s requirements. Hamza began with a deep dive into the DocuSign eSignature REST API, initiating the seamless integration process into Dubizzle’s CRM application. 

The resulting DocuSign integration enables Dubizzle sales reps to craft proposals in their CRM system and send them to their clients by email for electronic signature. The integration then listens for DocuSign Connect notifications to verify that the contract has been acted on by the client, thereby detecting from Connect triggers whether the proposal has been delivered, declined, voided, or completed. Once the integration detects that the proposal has been signed by the client, it invokes the Envelopes::getDocument API call to retrieve the signed document and store it as an attachment to the proposal in the Dubizzle CRM system. Working through the DocuSign Go-Lve process, Hamza transitioned the newly automated digital signature feature flawlessly into production without causing any significant disruption to Dubizzle’s daily business operations.

Beyond the realm of technology, Hamza is deeply passionate about physical fitness and the world of video games. During his leisure hours, you can often find him engrossed in the latest video game releases. For those interested in connecting with Hamza or exploring his work further, you can find him on LinkedIn or GitHub.