Developer Spotlight: Haitao Song, DocuSign

Spotlight Developer, Haitao Song

Haitao is a Chinese immigrant who came to the U.S. in the mid-1990s and earned his Ph.D. He has worked with petroleum, telecom, online search, ads delivery and database, as well as cloud computing. He has worked on various aspects of software solutions, including back-end, front-end, build, test, telemetries and compliances. He enjoys building customer-focused solutions and has led, architected and managed various projects and teams. Currently he is working as principal software developer leading an effort to integrate DocuSign CLM with next-generation agreement definition models (ADM) on the cloud microservice platform.

The ADM project is the DocuSign answer to agreement semantic models. It is an important effort to unify the Agreement Cloud to enhance analytics reporting and searching capability. This project will allow customers to bring their own schema and customization into their account, with which next-generation automations would be possible. DocuSign will not only enhance its cloud offering, but also bring a competitive edge for their customers by giving them their own customized semantics. DocuSign internal CLM uses OAuth2.0 with JWT Grant to be authorized against the ADM's resources and APIs to ensure its security.

Outside of work, Haitao enjoys hiking, fishing, gardening and music. He can be reached via LinkedIn.


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Matthew Lusher
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