Developer Spotlight: David Skuya, Docupace

Spotlight Developer, David Skuya

David Skuya started his career in Financial Services at ING (now VOYA) straight out of college at Iowa State University in Ames, Iowa. He started out as a basic report writer, where he quickly grew bored and transitioned into scripting and automating tedious tasks as a side gig in the office. It quickly got noticed that he was much more than a report writer, and he soon became involved in streamlining operations and eliminating inefficiencies through designing and coding system integrations. Creating efficiencies lead to working with, and eventually for, his current employer, Docupace Technologies LLC, a SaaS technology company built for the financial services and wealth management industry. One of the goals Docupace had was to eliminate the bane of the office environment: paper. Docupace's partnership with DocuSign was an instrumental part of going paperless in the office, which has saved countless millions of pieces of paper from needing to be printed, signed, and scanned.

DocuSign has been an e-signing staple in the FinTech world since the beginning. Since Docupace and DocuSign have been partners for so long, one of David’s priority projects right now is an effort to convert from using legacy SOAP to RESTful services at DocuSign in support of the new "Joint Accounts" feature being rolled out. This is going to be much easier with the SDKs offered by DocuSign. After David and his team get through that bit of house cleaning, he will be working on UX design for setting up a self-service model for clients to set up DocuSign accounts seamlessly through the Docupace application.

While not at work, David does his best to address his “analog” side by turning wrenches on vehicles or making sawdust in the garage with his two sons. He also recently put on one of those pixel Halloween and Christmas light shows with thousands and thousands of networked pixel RGB lights!  You can reach David on LinkedIn.

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Matthew Lusher
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