And the award goes to…the Docusign eSignature REST API

API World: Best Business Software API for 2021

And the award for Best Business Software API goes to...the Docusign eSignature REST API!

Just as no two organizations are alike, neither are the processes employed by those organizations. How you onboard an employee at your current company probably isn't the same way as how you onboard an employee at your last company. When you think about how to shape how your company does business, the ability to customize processes to work for you is imperative. That’s where the Docusign eSignature API comes in. We’re excited to share that Docusign eSignature was named the Best Business Software API for 2021 by API World.

Used in roughly 60% of all Docusign transactions, the eSignature API allows for organizations to create the tailored employee and customer experiences that shape their internal and external perception. Version 2.1 of the eSignature API is the same code that Docusign’s eSignature product is built with. This means that the experiences and features that Docusign is known for in the eSignature space can be leveraged to create tailored experiences that enable teams to solve their unique business challenges in their own unique ways.

Some of the highlights of the eSignature API include embedded signing, custom branding, and envelope creation. Embedded signing (also called the envelope recipient view) enables users to view and sign documents directly through your app or website, enabling you to keep your customers within your brand, and your look and feel, while that customer completes an electronic signature.

Custom branding lets you customize the look and feel of the envelopes and emails that you send out for signature. Branding enables you to add your own branding elements (such logos and colors) to customize your app's signing experience or sending experience. You can also enforce brand usage across your account and manage permissions for accessing brands. Branding isn't limited, as you can create multiple brand profiles for different corporate brands or internal departments (custom groups).

Envelope creation lets you create and send an envelope—one of the fundamental resources in the Docusign platform. With this feature you can create and send an envelope with documents, recipients, and tabs, create and send from a template, and create and send from a combination of documents and templates, as well as create a draft envelope.

There are over 400 endpoints in the Docusign eSignature API. To learn more about the API and its diverse set of features, register for the Docusign Developer Conference on October 26th and 27th. At the Developer Conference, we will go deeper into the features of eSignature. There are sessions on the agenda to get started with the Developer Center and build your first integration, including both a 101 and 201 session specific to the eSignature API. As you expand into the API, there are tangential developer features that enable you to leverage the API to do even more: there are sessions on Recipient Connect (our webhook product) and our Mobile SDKs. We’ll jump into API Request Builder and take a deep dive into Tabs. For less technical teams, we’ll also focus on showcasing the art of what is possible when leveraging the Docusign platform and our APIs.

At the Docusign Developer Conference, you’ll also hear from the winners of our recent Good Code Hackathon, and how they put the eSignature API into practice to solve some of the business process problems facing non-profits around the world—such as interactive mapping for the Jane Goodall Institute and helping families whose children have cancer navigate the process towards finding financial aid and research assistance. With the Good Code Hackathon we believe that code can support organizations doing critical work to both preserve the planet and support other missions crucial to humanity.

We look forward to seeing you at the Docusign Developer Conference to showcase all of the features of the eSignature REST API, 2021’s winner for Best Business Software API. We also value your feedback on our developer products, so please highlight any features or functionality you’d like to see come to the eSignature API—or any API in our developer platform—through our feedback forum.

Join us at API World 2021 on October 28th! 

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Vishal Naik
Vishal Naik
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