Analyst Reports

Aberdeen Group: Deploy Electronic Signatures to Achieve Cost-Effective Sales Growth

As sales organizations endeavor to escape the constricted economy of the 2009 recession, one of their most significant barriers is stagnant progress regarding bringing their sales cycle under control. Recent Aberdeen research published for Inside Sales Enablement: "Let Them Drink Coffee!" (December 2009) reveals that not only did under-performing companies see a year-over-year increase in their sales cycle of 12%, but even the Best-in-Class, or top 20% of performers among over 500 companies surveyed, experienced a slight (1%) lengthening of their own lead-to-win timeframe. As top-performing selling teams continue searching for ways to reduce this window, as well as to increase their win/loss "batting average", the use of electronic signature tools holds potential promise for better sales team performance in 2010.

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