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The Retail Makeover: New Systems for a Changing Retail Landscape

Retail is changing at an unprecedented rate. From the digital revolution to how customers interact with companies, the industry’s landscape today is dramatically different from just a few years ago. Retail leaders are investing 2-3x more than the average retailer in digital transformation in order to deliver a more modern customer experience and build more efficient back-office operations. A modern system of agreement is one system that’s central to this change at many leading retailers.

“Most companies adopt electronic signature because it’s a fast and obvious win,” says Kevin Bandy, former Cisco chief digital officer. “The challenge is to think beyond digitizing the signature to re-engineering the full agreement process. How can it be connected and automated in a way that’s most efficient for the business and that delivers a game-changing experience for customers and employees?”

Explore this whitepaper to learn how leaders implemented a modern system of agreement and achieved results like:

  • Sales growth: 20% higher in-store close rate
  • Efficiency: Days to execute dealer and vendor contracts down from weeks or months
  • Accuracy: Zero errors down from over 70% reducing busy work

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