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Remote Work Highlights the Role of Digital Employee and Company Policy Distribution in Building a Transparent Company Culture

The global shift to remote work in response to the coronavirus pandemic had an unintended effect on how companies perform HR operations, in particular, employee and company policy distribution. Practically overnight, HR departments found they could deliver documentation faster, safer and with greater oversight into distribution by taking the process online. Unable to operate from a single, physical location, in-person distribution was no longer practical, creating digital, automated workflows. But more important, this shift allowed organizations to prioritize leadership transparency and company values as they adjusted to a hybrid on-site and remote workforce. More communication leads to more transparency, which, in turn, leads to more trust between employees and the employer. However, transitioning policy distribution to a digital format puts more pressure on distribution and tracking itself — a situation that will become increasingly complicated for HR teams in charge of distributing employee documents unless they put the right technology and automation in place.

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