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In Healthcare Your Data is Your Most Vital Asset

It all comes down to data. Patients are accustomed to using data in more streamlined and direct ways - think banking apps, or location-based social media - so it’s incumbent on the healthcare industry to likewise adapt and begin considering new methods to connect, service, and, in many ways, reassure patients through every stage of their healthcare journey. The results don’t just show up in the bottom line or in improved patient experience, they can be seen in significant drops in mortality rates and improved access to life-saving testing. It’s not an exaggeration to say that digitization actually saves lives.

To best illustrate how the healthcare industry can effectively approach digitization, this eBook takes a look at two specific cases of digital transformation in healthcare.

  • Catholic Health Initiatives improved the patient experience and reduced transaction time from referral to point of care to discharge to billing to post-care. 
  • Kaiser Permanente implemented DocuSign eSignature to streamline internal management and provide patients with better access to care.

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