On-Demand Webinar

Three Steps to Improve the Value of Higher Education with eSignatures

Universities are challenged to provide students with a higher return on investment. They must do so with minimal, and in many cases, diminishing resources. With eSignatures, forward-thinking universities are already running more efficiently and eliminating excess expenses. 
View this on-demand best practices webinar with Ombud to learn what initiatives universities are prioritizing for ease of campus-wide expansion of efficient, secure electronic workflows that enable staff to reprioritize their time from pushing paper to providing value-added services for students.
You will learn how to: 
  • Accelerate Speed to Results
  • Reduce Risk
  • Reprioritize Time
Featured speakers:
  • Thad Eby, CEO, Ombud Research
  • Corey Burger, Utah State University
  • Shelton Waggener, Senior Vice President, Internet2
  • Miles Kelly, Senior Director of Industry Marketing, DocuSign

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