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Three Benefits to Build a More Efficient Government with eSignatures

Within the private sector, customers have become the empowered entities, dictating how and when they interact with businesses. Citizens have come to expect the same convenience from their government. Government workflows have largely remained untouched by recent developments in the private sector. As a result, government agencies are continuing to operate via inefficient, insecure paper-based processes. Maintaining the status quo in this way is actually proving to be riskier than implementing electronic alternatives. 
View this on-demand webinar to learn how change advocates at the city, county and state levels of government are taking perceived risks to better serve public needs with secure, efficient, cost-effective electronic processes and eSignatures.
This live session will discuss how to: 
  • Reduce risk
  • Cut costs
  • Save time
Featured speakers:
  • Charles Richards, Portfolio Management Specialist, N.C. Office of Information Technology Services
  • Albert Tong, Principal Information Systems Analyst, Butte County District Attorney
  • Thad Eby, CEO, Ombud 
  • Sharon Hayes, Director, State and Local Governments, DocuSign

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