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Learn How to Sell in a Buying 2.0 World

CSO Insights 19th Annual Sales Performance Optimization (SPO) survey of 1,200+ companies worldwide found that 92% of sales organizations raised revenue targets for 2013. Of those, one-third is expecting to generate at least a 15% increase in sales revenue. What will you do to hit your 2013 business goals and close more deals?

Watch this on-demand webinar with Jim Dickie, Managing Partner of CSO Insights, as he discusses how selling has evolved into a buying 2.0 world and why sales teams need to understand a buyer’s digital body language in order to hit their 2013 quotas. You will gain key insights from the CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization study and via case study examples learn how to:

• Find out when buying 2.0 cycles start
• Read a buyer’s digital body language
• Quickly opt out of low probability opportunities
• Save the deal that is going south

Watch on-demand today and discover what you can do to make your 2013 quota!

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