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City Goes Paperless, Improves Access to Services

San Francisco, known by many as the tech capital of the world, needed to digitally transform its access to city services. Constituents didn’t like taking their valuable time to go to the various city agencies and fill out paper forms to make service requests—especially when they had to go to multiple buildings to complete all the required forms. City departments were siloed, and constituents were frustrated.

City officials knew they needed to provide a better experience to maintain San Francisco’s reputation as a city of and for cutting-edge technology.

To connect department workflows and to offer a seamless constituent experience, the City of San Francisco turned to DocuSign, the industry leader in Digital Transaction Management. Now that the city's business portal includes DocuSign, users can access city services online, and constituents and staff can electronically sign documents and track their filing status using DocuSign.

The result? San Francisco increased user engagement and satisfaction, and reduced city costs by a factor of ten.


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