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loanDepot uses DocuSign to build an end-to-end customer lending experience

Known as best-in-class in the eSignature industry, DocuSign offers much more than electronic signatures. Because it’s a full digital transaction management platform, loanDepot was able to use DocuSign's eSignature API to build its entire, end-to-end workflow system.

loanDepot is an emerging growth, non-bank consumer lending company, and their goal was to develop an easy-to-build, highly personalized, pleasing, and integrated lending experience for their customers.

"When loanDepot started working with DocuSign, we basically built a product from the ground up," notes Mark Hansen, loanDepot VP Business Application. "DocuSign not only gave us the ability to allow our borrowers and our loan officers to talk together, but we built an entire customer portal around that experience…DocuSign is an API-first technology—what that means is, unlike other vendors who write a front end and build an API after the fact, DocuSign built the API first. This means that any front-end components DocuSign has are supported by the API."

Because DocuSign's API is open, RESTful, and well-documented, it took only three weeks (out of an overall four months of project development time) to integrate DocuSign's capabilities into the new loanDepot customer portal. As Mark Hansen says “From the tech and developers’ side, that’s the best you can ask for.”


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