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At DocuSign Ventures we believe agreements are fundamental to our lives. They traverse how we conduct business and define the commitments we make and depend upon. DocuSign Ventures focuses on investing in and partnering with companies raising funding to innovate around the agreement process. This includes technologies that facilitate pre-agreement work and negotiation in addition to the logistics and workflows that may result from a completed agreement.

We are excited to partner with disruptors who believe in the power of technology enabled agreements as much as we do!

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DocuSign Ventures is growing its portfolio of world-class startups who share and are helping to shape our vision for the future of agreements. The list below contains both current and exited* investments.

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Where are we investing?

The team is interested in a diverse range of innovative technologies being used to transform how business is done. Don’t see your focus areas listed below? Reach out! We’d love to speak with you.

Agreement process automation and workflows

AI and smart contract technology

Identity verification and management

Digital payment platforms

Legal and compliance automation technologies

Vertical solutions for mortgage, lending & more

The team


DocuSign Ventures invests in companies that are innovating in areas that directly touch or are adjacent to the agreements ecosystem.  We are looking for founders who dream boldly and have built strong teams around their vision. DocuSign Ventures is generally stage agnostic, but targets early stage companies that have achieved early signs of product / market fit, typically Series A-C
At DocuSign Ventures, we have a unique focus and expertise around everything agreements that we look to bring to our investments. We understand many of the challenges that are faced by companies at this stage of development, as our own early growth was fueled by venture capital.  In addition to our perspective, we look to help foster closer relationships with Docusign’s product and GTM leaders, as well as plugging our portfolio companies into the DocuSign Agreement Cloud platform opening-up our broader ecosystem of more than one million customers, developers and partners.
We look for promising companies who fit within our broader areas of interests and have the opportunity to change the status quo.  We also strongly believe that people are key to the success of an operation and must not only have vision, but the ability to execute.  Finally, we do not typically lead rounds and look to co-invest alongside other credible and qualified investors.
DocuSign Ventures is flexible in our check sizes with no stated maximums or minimums however our typical deals are <10% of a round size.
We work hard to make our process timely and to focus our diligence on what’s important.  We will work hard to meet your timelines, but when possible our preference is to meet teams well in advance of a funding round so both sides get to know each other and build the relationship.  During the investment process, we do look to bring in DocuSign management to both lend perspective and to help start building relationships.
Email us at Send a pitch deck, a recorded demo, and a brief overview of how the DocuSign Agreement Cloud ecosystem can help you achieve your goals.

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