DocuSign contract analytics services supplier and subprocessor list

Last updated: November 20, 2020

Infrastructure suppliers 

DocuSign services based on Seal technology (including DocuSign Analyzer and Seal Services) use certain platform suppliers to provide specific functionality within the Seal services. Seal customers may choose from an available list of countries where their account is provisioned, but the choice must be selected in advance and can only be established at the time a customer’s instance is initially provisioned.

The following is a list of the name(s), location(s) and activities of the infrastructure suppliers for the Seal-based service.

Entity Name Purpose; applicable services Country location(s) Applicable DocuSign group entity
Google, LLC Provides cloud hosting services for the Seal-based service in the applicable country locations. Belgium; Canada; Germany; United Kingdom; United States; Switzerland Seal Software, Inc.

Service subprocessors

DocuSign doesn’t currently use any service subprocessors within the Seal-based service. 

Professional service business partners

For a list of the name(s), location(s) and activities of partners that provide professional services to you in connection with Seal-based service implementation, please contact your DocuSign representative or refer to your SOW.