DocuSign Admin provides DocuSign administrators with an easy and intuitive interface to manage their account settings and users.

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What is an account?

An account is a container created for a DocuSign customer (either a company or an individual) that includes their envelopes, user memberships, templates and other customer data. An account provides access to DocuSign services based on a subscription plan and its associated features. Each account is uniquely identified by a GUID known as the accountID. A customer may have one or more accounts, based on their needs.

The customer designates individuals to act as administrators of their account. Administrators can change settings within an account, manage user memberships and access controls, and accomplish other administrative tasks.

For customers with multiple accounts, these can be collectively managed by DocuSign Organization Administration. For more information on this solution, see the DocuSign Organization Administration Guide.

Major sections

DocuSign Admin is divided into several major sections:

Note: Not all the sections described below are available to all account types. The sections shown in DocuSign Admin depend on the what type of DocuSign plan you have.

Accessing DocuSign Admin - Provides a short overview of the different ways to access DocuSign Admin

Account - Provides information on billing and usage, account profile, security settings, regional settings, and branding settings.

Users and Groups - Provides information on managing individual users, groups of users, and permission sets.

Signing and Sending - Provides information on managing the default behavior and various options for all envelopes sent from your account.

Integrations - Provides information on managing the Connect configurations and API integration keys for your account.

Auditing - Provides information on working with the audit log for the account.

DocuSign Part 11 Module - Provides information about the DocuSign Part 11 module, how it fits with FDA Title 21 of the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Part 11 and DocuSign Admin.

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