A key feature of DocuSign is the ability to easily create and send documents for signing. This section of the user guide provides step-by-step procedures for sending documents for signing. The general steps in this process are:

Start a new envelope

Add documents

Add recipients

Add your subject and message for the envelope

Optionally, add or change envelope settings.

Place tags for signatures and other information in the document

Preview and send the envelope.

Note: The procedures outlined in these steps might include options and features that might not be available to your account, depending on your account settings. If you have questions about the options and features available for your account, contact your Account Manager or DocuSign Customer Support for assistance. Visit our Contact Support web page for contact options to reach Customer Support.

DocuSign also offers advanced sending options, such as allowing recipients to sign on paper, provide documents as file attachments or by fax and conditional fields. The advanced features available to you vary based on your DocuSign plan. See the Advanced Sending Options section for more information about these options.

DocuSign has two basic ways for recipients add signatures, initials or other information to a document: Guided Signing and Free-Form Signing.

For more information about how recipients see documents for signing, see the Signing Documents Electronically with DocuSign section.



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