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DocuSign Transaction Rooms for Real Estate
Join us for a live webinar delivered by the Real Estate Customer Success team.  In this webinar, we’ll show you the key features of DocuSign Transaction Rooms.  We will cover the end to end process of creating a transaction, attaching a task list (Broker Edition), uploading documents, inviting people, sending envelopes, submitting for review and approval (Broker Edition), and closing the transaction.  Webinars will be provided for DocuSign Transaction Rooms for Real Estate – Broker Edition and Non-Broker Edition.  Register for these 60 minute DocuSign Transaction Rooms webinar sessions.

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DocuSign for Real Estate: Getting Started with eSign 101
This session is designed for new DocuSign Signature (eSignature) users to walk through how to most effectively use DocuSign for the sending and signing processes involved in a real estate transaction. In addition, there will be a review of the basic tools in the console that will enable you to manage your real estate documents effectively.  Both the Classic and New DocuSign Experience webinars are available here.

DocuSign Transaction Rooms 101
An introductory look at the DocuSign for Real Estate Plus product. A walkthrough of the system and a discussion on how different Real Estate offices have implemented DocuSign for Real Estate plus successfully.

DocuSign Transaction Rooms 101: Mobile
This webinar focuses on using DocuSign Transaction Rooms 101 on iOS and Android mobile devices. The webinar assumes that you have set-up your DocuSign Transaction Rooms account and have begun using the web application. We will provide a detailed walkthrough of each step in the transaction process. Upon completion of this webinar you will have a thorough understanding of features and will be able to apply them to your transaction process. You will also learn how to edit and electronically sign documents from mobile devices.

DocuSign Transaction Rooms: Onboarding Videos
Watch our how-to videos and learn more about the features and functionality for your DocuSign Transaction Rooms for Real Estate account.