Creating a Template


Before creating a template, DocuSign recommends that you plan the information needed and the layout of your template. You can always edit the template later, but it is easier to create the template when you know the information you want to present in the template as you are creating it.

Before creating the template, you should answer the following questions:

  • What document(s) will be used for the template?

  • What are the roles of the recipients who will be signing?

  • Does the template need a pre-set standard message?

  • Where in the document will the recipients sign and add information?

After determining what is needed in the template, you are ready to create the new template.

Note: The options and screens shown in your browser might be different from those shown in this guide depending on your account type and options. If you have questions about the options available for your account, contact your Account Manager or DocuSign Support ( for assistance. 

Creating a new template is similar to creating a new envelope. The main change is that you can add recipient roles in addition to actual recipients. A template can contain multiple documents, which can have multiple pages, and can be sent to several recipients.

Note: When creating a template, you need to be aware of the Data Population Scope setting for your account. If the account setting is Envelope, DocuSign tags with the same Label will populate with the same data when a recipient enters or modifies information in the tag for all documents in the template. If the account setting is Document, only DocuSign tags with the same Label and in the same document will populate with the same data when a recipient enters or modifies information in the tag.


Starting a Template

Adding Documents to a Template

Adding Roles

Adding a Message and Envelope Settings

Adding Tags

Previewing and Saving the Template


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