DocuSign Real Estate Trainer Certification Course




Differentiate yourself by becoming a Certified DocuSign Real Estate Trainer. This on-demand certification course provides attendees with training and certification for the DocuSign for Real Estate PLUS platform. Learn the ins-and-outs of DocuSign from the agent perspective and gain access to exclusive training resources and materials to use in your own training delivery.


Who should take this course?

This course is intended for those who:
  • Are part or full-time real estate trainers
  • Deliver trainings to real estate agents on a regular basis
  • Are interested in obtaining an official certification to validate their DocuSign knowledge
  • Want to differentiate themselves from other real estate trainers


What you will learn



Delivery format

  • On demand

Interested in signing up for this on-demand course?

Please email DSU at


  • Must be a corporate trainer for a real estate company OR a third-party real estate trainer

  • Access to a DocuSign demo account (Don't have one? Click HERE to set one up)



$375 per license (includes course and Real Estate Trainer Certification)


Benefits of Becoming a DocuSign Certified Real Estate Trainer

  • Access to exclusive DocuSign training resources and materials
  • Ability to market oneself as a DocuSign Certified Real Estate Trainer
  • Access to a DocuSign demo account to be used in delivery of DocuSign trainings
  • Eligibility to participate in DocuSign's Real Estate Trainer Referral Program


Program Requirements

  • Must meet prerequisite requirements and successfully complete the "DocuSign Real Estate Trainer Certification Course."
  • Must remain in good-standing as a Certified Real Estate Trainer with DocuSign
  • Must fulfill recertification requirements, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Attendance at regular "DocuSign Product Update" webinars
    • Quarterly submissions of DocuSign training details, including number of agents trained on DocuSign


Contact us at:; 206-876-6852