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Manage and transfer authoritative copies

DocuSign Asset Vaulting powered by eOriginal

Transfer, collateralize, or securitize electronically

If your agreements represent transferable or negotiable instruments such as leases and loans, DocuSign Asset Vaulting by eOriginal manages the document’s authoritative copy while securely providing access to authorized users such as lenders, document custodians, investors, auditors and legal counsel. Instead of costly, inconvenient storage facilities, use Asset Vaulting to help you find, audit, pool, collateralize, securitize or transfer your original documents 100% electronically.

100% electronic

Avoid the time, cost, and security risk of storing, finding, and working with paper.
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Compliant ownership transfers

Transfer control between parties including offer, acceptance and confirmation steps.
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Pool or transfer authoritative copies for sale in the secondary financial markets.


Frequently asked questions

What does “powered by eOriginal” mean?

Asset Vaulting is a product that DocuSign sells and supports. We offer it in partnership with eOriginal, which developed and delivers the product. Through management of authoritative copies, eOriginal guarantees trusted transactions of digital financial assets for all parties.

What if I need to transfer custody to a party that still requires paper?

From an authoritative copy, you can generate a legally admissible and transferable paper original.

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