**MEDIA ALERT**: A SLAM DUNK: The “Signed” College Basketball Reality

DocuSign Pushes to Modernize the National Signing Day Experience and Stop Using Paper & Fax Machines


  • Every year American high school seniors hope to turn basketball dreams into a “signed” college reality. Each year there are approximately 42,000 signings, often taking place via slow processes and outdated technology: paper and fax machines.
  • DocuSign, Inc. believes there is a better way to turn basketball and college dreams into an instant reality. Put down the pen, push aside the paper, and forget the fax machine. Just DocuSign It!®
  • With DocuSign®, National Letters of Intent can be quickly prepared and executed 100% digitally. College basketball dreams can be secured in minutes instead of days – alleviating the stress of National Signing Day for athletes, parents and college coaches alike!

SAN FRANCISCO—April 14, 2015—National Signing Day is the first day that high school seniors can sign a binding National Letter of Intent (NLI) for college basketball with a school that is a member of the U.S. National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA).

Each year there are approximately 42,000 student athlete signings where childhood dreams become “signed” college realties. Although NCAA rules allow for use of postal mail, courier, and electronic transmission to complete Letters of Intent, nearly all students opt for the fax. In the digital age of mobile devices, texts and social media, it is odd that students and colleges have not demanded an easier and faster way to sign.  

DocuSign® takes the signing experience digital for everyone involved so it’s easy, fast and secure. With DocuSign, it takes just minutes to prepare, send and sign important documents (like Letters of Intent), anytime, anywhere, on any device. Securely.

On April 15, join the online conversation and encourage colleges and athletes to get the #FaxOutOfBasketball.

DocuSign’s Head of Corporate Marketing Gregor Perotto adds,

“There is so much on the line for recruits and college basketball teams around signing day. Electronic signatures have already been adopted by the Boston Celtics, Houston Rockets, San Jose Sharks, and the NFL Player’s Association to provide their members with modern day tools that enable speed and agility in business just like on the court, ice or field. As college athletic departments struggle to handle the administration involved in signing and recruiting players, technology like DocuSign will prove invaluable. Let’s get the #FaxOutOfBasketball! It’s time to eliminate the paper chase off the court so players and fans can focus on the action on the court.”


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