DocuSign Delivers Green by Saving Businesses 837 Tons of Paper and Millions in Greenbacks

eSignature Service Creates a Leaner, Greener and More Profitable Business Environment


DocuSign®, the leader in on-demand electronic signature solution,to commemorate Earth Day announced that its award-winning eSignature service has created a more eco-friendly environment by reducing consumption of approximately 837 tons of paper or nearly 14,230 trees. The DocuSign electronic signature service has significantly reduced businesses reliance on traditional, more antiquated methods of communication by revolutionizing the way documents are shared, signed and stored. DocuSign eSignature service eliminates the need to print, fax, scan, mail and store paper documents by providing a fast, green, easy-to-use electronic document signing process.

DocuSign users quickly drag and drop familiar yellow DocuSign Stick-eTabs® and data fields into documents, and electronically send documents from the DocuSign Console. The recipient immediately receives an email notification that a document is ready for e-signing. The document can be quickly accessed through a computer or any Web-enabled mobile device, including Apple® iPhone® or iPad®, RIM® BlackBerry®, Google® AndroidTM, Windows Mobile®smartphone.  The recipient adopts an e-signature and is guided through the process. Once completed, an email notification is sent to all parties with a link to the final executed document. The document can be archived digitally, eliminating the need to print or physically store. The result is a legally binding, fully ESIGN-compliant document supported by a comprehensive audit trail.  

From the first Earth Day in 1970, going green has become a serious issue with businesses and consumers creating positive change by making simple changes such as paying bills online, using public transportation, recycling and other conservation initiatives. For businesses around the globe, DocuSign is a key factor in successful green initiatives.

DocuSign Earth-Friendly Factoids

In honor of Earth Day's 40th anniversary, DocuSign has calculated additional green factoids to offer greater perspective on its role in providing a more eco-friendly alternative to conduct business.  In addition to the successful rescue of 14,230 trees, the amount of paper waste DocuSign has reduced:

  • If placed end-to-end, would reach 117,397,337 feet in total distance, which would line the edge of the continental United States twice or 22,234 miles—just 2,000 sheets shy of wrapping the Earth's equator. This is also five times longer than either the 4,300 mile length of the Amazon River or the 4,132 mile length of the Nile River.
  • If stacked, would reach more than 2,846 stories in height. This is more than 2,745 more stories than one of the tallest buildings in the world, the Taipei 101. The Taipei 101 reaches 1,671 feet or 509 meters and is 101 stories in height.

"DocuSign eSignature service continues to revolutionize business by providing a cleaner, greener and faster way to streamline business processes while accelerating the sales cycle," said Doug Wheeler, vice president of marketing at DocuSign. "DocuSign provides a healthy, sustainable, environmentally friendly alternative to paper that is cost-effective, productivity enhancing and available from anywhere, anytime."


About DocuSign, Inc. 

DocuSign, Inc. is the leading provider of on-demand software services for electronic signature.DocuSign empowers individuals, small businesses and global enterprises to operate faster and more efficiently, with greater profitability, enhanced security and compliance. DocuSign is the only Web-based service to securely automate and control the entire electronic document signing process. DocuSign employs the SaaS eSign industry's only enterprise class SAS-70, fully redundant data center delivering 99.993% uptime for customers over the last 30 months. To date, more than 70 million signature events have been executed using DocuSign. In addition, DocuSign is the official and exclusive provider of e-signature services for the National Association of REALTORS® 1.1 million members, under the REALTOR Benefits® Program.

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