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Sitting within a bank-grade security environment and accessible from any online device, Worksorted serves as the operational workbench for hundreds of advice firms across Australia and New Zealand. Worksorted is an extremely intuitive practice management solution, incorporating CRM, revenue management, compliance tools and end-to-end workflow. Worksorted delivers efficiency, accuracy and peace-of-mind to all levels of an advice firm through simple and intuitive functionality, customisable and personalised features and powerful reports and dashboards.

Worksorted is a practice management solution utilised by Financial Services professionals throughout Australia and New Zealand. Central to Worksorted is a purpose-built CRM, allowing advice firms to manage key information about their clients to provide the highest level of service, increase their engagement, and develop stronger client relationships.

Attached to every good CRM is an intuitive, customisable workflow solution. Worksorted provides confidence to advice firms that jobs are allocated and staff can prioritise and complete their activity on time, every time. 

From sole-trader authorised representatives to multi-practice enterprises holding their own AFSL, Worksorted provides an extremely user-friendly way to upload, reconcile, and process revenue information from a range of different sources. Worksorted also handles the creation and management of invoices ensuring all your revenue streams are covered. With a multitude of pre-built reports, firms can dissect their revenue figures to understand profitability, identify missing revenue or revenue trends and uncover new business opportunities. 

There has never been a more important time to ensure compliance obligations are being met, on time with a documented audit trail. Worksorted allows you to provide FDS & Opt-In documents individually or in bulk with a seamless flow of revenue and key client information into your document templates. By leveraging Worksorted’s integration with DocuSign, advice professionals can issue common compliance documents and retrieve client signatures via e-signature functionality significantly streamlining this process and eradicating time-consuming email chains and other methods of collecting signatures.

Worksorted provides confidence, clarity and peace of mind to Financial Services professionals that client services are being delivered and compliance obligations are being met.

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Customer Testimonials

“We have been using WS for about 5 years and they just keep evolving and getting better with their practical, efficient and value for money solution. Can highly recommend Worksorted.”
Duane Stewart, Vine Wealth

“Our practice has been using Worksorted for over three years. The CRM software is easy to use, particularly when managing daily workflow and tasks. The team is very prompt and helpful when requiring assistance. Would happily recommend the software to anyone in the financial planning industry.”
Mark Jefferey, Frontier Financial Group

“Having just made the full transition to worksorted from COIN, we couldn’t recommend WS more highly. Their support team and training are exceptional and the efficiencies the software has created have been very evident to the whole team! Wish we made the switch earlier.”
Jenna Maher, Vine Wealth

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About the partner 

Over the past 10 years, we have built Worksorted with the vision of significantly enhancing efficiencies through the Financial Services industry and providing practices with confidence in their business, revenue and processes.

Our focus on financial services advice firms means we offer a bunch of solutions to suit financial advisers, stockbrokers, accountants and mortgage brokers, as well as standalone para-planners and external services firms who offer support to finance professionals. Worksorted offers a fresh approach to running a financial services advice business. 

If you want to boost your practice efficiency, increase the value and lower costs within your advice firm, get in touch with our team today!

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