Best in class mobile/digital client experience and PFM for financial advisors

Wealth Access provides financial advisors with a private-labeled, fully mobile, digital client experience presented in a client-centric total balance sheet view with data populated through a unique Aggregation-as-a-Service (AaaS) business model.  The total balance sheet provides advisors with greater insight into each client’s complete financial situation in support of holistic advisory services.  Integration with other advisor tools helps to drive efficiency and scale in the advisor’s operations. Data analysis and business intelligence tools provide advisors the ability to better monitor client actions and identify additional business opportunities.

Wealth Access provides RIAs, Financial Planners, Brokers, Private Bankers, Trust Advisors and Wealth Managers with a complete client experience delivered under the advisor’s brand to better engage with their clients through mobile and digital channels.  The client experience provides a total balance sheet view based on data collected via our Aggregation-as-a-Service model with PFM tools for income and expense management and a secure two-way electronic document vault with support of e-signature through DocuSign integration.  Wealth Access is delivered as an omnichannel solution with full functionality exposed in an advisor-branded native mobile app published in each of the App Stores.  Advisor and firm portals provide advisor insight to each client’s total financial situation, integration with other advisor tools, and data analytics and business intelligence tools to better understand client activities and to identify additional business opportunities.

Key Features

  • Private-labeled / Advisor-branded mobile app
  • Client total balance sheet view via Aggregation-as-a-Service (AaaS)
  • Personal Financial Management (PFM)
  • Secure, two-way electronic document vault with DocuSign e-signature integration
  • Advisor and Firm-level analytics portal



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About the partner 

Wealth Access was formed with a singular mission: Empower financial services firms to create strong, long-lasting client relationships through its consumer-friendly enterprise platform. Numerous advisors have increased their level of service to high-net-worth individuals and manage wealth more effectively through their Wealth Access solutions.

Wealth Access is an advisor software company founded by a former advisor. We aggregate data from complex portfolios and render them in a simple, clear, real-time digital dashboard. Our combination of forward-thinking technology and service-oriented support has made us one of the fastest growing wealth management platforms in America.