V2 designs, builds and deploys CRM, operations and agile business analytics solutions on best-in-class Cloud platforms for global brands and high-growth organizations in the media & entertainment, advertising, sports, luxury and technology industries.

We collaborate with information technology and line of business leaders who realize the critical role that an intelligent Cloud infrastructure and integration strategy can play in improving key business metrics such as driving top-line revenue growth and mitigating operational efficiencies. DocuSign’s eSignature and transaction management capabilities enable companies to move from traditional and often complex integration approaches to a streamlined solution that is better aligned with the mix of on-premise and Cloud-based infrastructures employed by most organizations today. With V2’s integration capabilities connecting your disparate systems, the process doesn’t need to be slow or painful.

Key Benefits:

  • Salesforce.com Optimization
  • Cloud Infrastructure & Integration
  • Business Process Improvement
  • Agile Business Analytics
  • Marketing Effectiveness & Automation