Transform with automation.
Adapt to new challenges.
Do more with less.

We make technology work the way you do.
We’ve held over one hundred in-depth interviews with professionals like you, across a range of industries. What we’ve found is that every organization suffers from relying on too many software systems to get their work done; that those systems don’t work well together; and they’re missing important features that would save people time and keep work running smoothly. We’ve learned that replacing systems is a costly disruption, and that no single system could ever meet every need in every firm – because everyone works differently.

Trumpet gets technology out of your way, to keep work flowing. No more simple tasks that take up hours at a time. Software bots can do those. No more data entry to work around poor integration. We automate tasks within your existing systems. You get all the data, files, and facts where you need them, so that you can make decisions quickly and give the clients the service they deserve.