The Transformd SaaS HTML5 Smart Form platform provides customer-focused businesses and government agencies the ability to streamline data-driven interactions automating the entire customer journey from onboarding to servicing. Transformd complements your investment in DocuSign by enabling industry-leading digital transaction & receipt management driving business optimisation initiatives.

Company & Partnership Summary

With the combination of Transformd HTML5 Smart Forms and DocuSign, frustrating manual processes become intuitive, guided user experiences that make it easy to do business with you and by offering more engaging customer interactions, you can provide a great customer experience, grow your market share and improve the speed of service delivery.

Together, DocuSign and Transformd enable you to gain efficiency and elevate your brand and or agency through a modern, reimagined Customer Experience rapidly transforming paper based, PDFs and pre built HTML forms into intuitive, adaptive interviews that can seamlessly move from desktop to mobile either stand alone or integrated directly into your core systems of choice. Easy.

Key benefits

  • Fast to build & deploy via HTML 5 Smart Form business user tool reducing reliance on IT teams
  • Easy integration for STP into core Banking, ERP & administration platforms
  • Responsive Design renders for multiple devices, PC, iPad, iPhone, Android – Consistent user experience.
  • Pre-built connectors for DocuSign, address validation, Equifax, GreenID, Sitecore, Salesforce, MS Dynamics etc.
  • Analytics within the form to help identify where customers drop out from completing the form
  • Accessibility WCAG on every Smart Form for visual impaired clients using screen readers e.g. NVDA, JAW
  • Monthly subscription fee based on consumption - OpEx not CapEx

 Customer Testimonials

Teachers Mutual Bank

“Transformd has given the Bank the ability to innovate and offer a better online experience at the speed out members need. The ease at which employees, existing members and new applicants can engage with the platform drives multiple efficiencies, and we’re constantly reviewing where else we can leverage its capabilities across the bank.”

“Transformd has been a fundamental partner in our evolution. The customer engagement platform equipped us with the capabilities we need to deliver a seamless and consistent experience across our expanding product portfolio, and empowers us to rapidly satisfy the evolving and increasing demands of our growing member base.

The future of the Bank is digital, with plans underway to use new digital technologies and drive automation. We’re partnering with Transformd to create this future, and are excited to draw upon the organisation’s enterprise as we continue to evolve and personalise the experiences we deliver.


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